Beth Moore, a Prominent Evangelical, Splits With Southern Baptists


“While there are a thousand ways we can robustly disagree as people of faith, there are and should be deal breakers: the defense of white supremacy, patriarchal abuse, moral bankruptcy, the crushing of human souls for proximity to power,” Jen Hatmaker, a popular podcaster and author, said.

About five years ago, Ms. Hatmaker broke with evangelicalism because of her opposition to Mr. Trump and her support of gay marriage.

Ms. Moore’s decision was “a harbinger of the future,” Ms. Hatmaker said. And though Ms. Moore was a trailblazer for the denomination, evangelical women have been defecting for years, she said.

“People have had enough, and there is no lock on the door,” she said. “God does not belong to the S.B.C.”

During the Trump era, some white evangelical women have grown more uncomfortable with their churches’ values about sex, race and politics, especially as their denominational leaders supported Mr. Trump through the separation of migrant children from their parents at the border, nationwide protests after the killing of George Floyd, and the #MeToo revolution.

“Women of color were the first to see it, then men of color, and now white women are starting to wake up,” Lisa Sharon Harper, president of, a Christian justice group, said.

“They are having to believe what they are seeing,” she said of white evangelical women. “It is hard to respond to. It literally means giving up everything, literally everything.”


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