Kathryn Hahn Talks About Her Insidious, Perfidious Role on ‘WandaVision’


Like, this is the thing you were meant to arrive at?

Yeah, exactly. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m just sitting in my bedroom, basically in my pajamas. But I’m tickled by it. It’s super flattering.

If you get offered another script and you see that, once again, you’re the sidekick or supporting player to someone else, will you think, here we go again?

It think it’ll be totally dependent on what the thing is. If it’s a juicy filmmaker, juicy piece of writing. I still hold “Private Life” to my heart so dearly, and that experience of working with Tamara [Jenkins, the film’s writer and director] and Paul [Giamatti, her co-star]. I still hold “I Love Dick” to my heart so dearly. I never would’ve thunk in a million years that this part was in my cards. And there’s so much more to mine there.

Will we see more of Agatha Harkness in the Marvel universe?

I have no idea. They keep it really tight.

Well if it’s something you want, I hope you get that opportunity.

Oh, me too. I want to. Now that I have a taste of it, I’m like, ahh. I really, really love it.

Do the memes help at all? If people in the industry see them, do they want to give you more roles or pay you more money?

My friends and I were laughing because, a million years ago, on my IMDb page, it said, Kathryn Hahn, known for her over-the-top facial expressions. And we were like, whoever wrote that has been playing a real long game. How could they have ever known, years later, that that was the meme that was going to come out? I was like, kudos to whoever wrote that.


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